Dental Marketing that truly Generates New Patients

Who We Are

Kevin is a renowned dental consultant. Thousands of dental practices call him the “go-to” professional for coaching and training.

We will Make You Stand Out
In Today’s Crowded Landscape.

Our vision is unique and yet simple: to offer the dental market with bigger and better business solutions.

It’s no secret, many dental offices are using outdated systems and technology and many are not connecting with larger audiences.

What we do is introduce you to new technologies and new marketing and planning initiatives that will get your business moving in the right direction. That’s right, we will show you how to work smarter, not harder.

Today, we all need to shift our mindset to think of how our patients interact in the real world and bring the same level of communication, marketing and education to them. That’s right, we live in the digital age, so you need to adapt in order to survive. Let’s shape the future together, one smile at a time!

Kevin White / CEO

Kevin is well known among thousands of dental practices which call him the “go-to” professional for implementation and training.

He is widely active with many local and state dental associations. Kevin is creative, innovative and business savvy. He helps scores of dental practices grow their brands and bottom lines. Dental entrepreneurs admire him for being an effective communicator and a strategic planner, with exceptional organizational skills. Kevin has the right METHOD for training diverse teams on the effective importance of systems and technology in order to create more efficient business environments. He is also a PRO in dental administrative systems, internal and external marketing, and strategic planning. That’s right, Kevin offers dental offices with the right tools needed so they can achieve lasting success. In a world of “adapt or die,” he will shift your mindset so that you think how patients do in today’s digital world, one that is highly competitive. Kevin loves connecting dental practices to their local communities.


We don’t just partner with anyone –
but rather only the best.

Our handpicked partners bring the most useful tools to your office, so call us today and discover new technology solutions that will benefit your dental practice.