ADA Compliance

Is Serious Business For Your Website

The American Disabilities Act

The American Disabilities Act has significant implications that you don’t need to face. Like an open margin on a crown, it’s the little things that can cause problems. Multiple healthcare entities have found that a non-compliant website is more than a hassle. It can become expensive, stressful, and distracting.

Fortunately, there's a simple solution that covers the bases

A Complete Compliance Solution Is This Simple

Compliance with ADA and many
other compliance requirements

Accessibility statement

and certification of performance

AI-Powered screen reader

and keyboard navigation

Accessibility widget for UI

and design remediation

AI-Powered daily compliance monitoring and scans

Monthly AI-Powered

accessibility compliance audits

Litigation Support Package You’re covered if you’re sued for non-compliance

Our ADA Compliance Solution is available for only


*Litigation Support Package Included

Adding it is simple and stress-free.
Sign-up today and we’ll take care of all your digital ADA compliance requirements from now on.