5 Ways to Adjust Your Dental Marketing Strategy

Dental Marketing Strategy

As a dentist, you know better than anyone how quality dental care extends its impact beyond a patient’s smile and influences overall wellness. Similarly, periodic refinement of your dental marketing strategy can provide a substantial wellness boost to your practice and significantly impact your bottom line.  In 2024, many marketing fundamentals remain the same as in the past. But some of the tools we use to execute strategies are changing.

While a practice desktop website is the cornerstone of your digital efforts, don’t underestimate the importance of mobile optimization, local search optimization, and enhancing site speed.  What’s behind the scenes is just as critical as the consumer-facing side.

Cultivating a robust Facebook page is essential for dental practices, but there’s much more you can do than put up an occasional post. To harness the real power of social media, maintaining a consistent flow of engaging posts, including video, complemented by strategic paid social ads, is paramount to maximizing your practice’s reach and impact.

Here are five adjustments to your dental marketing strategy that will help you attract and retain more patients and grow in 2024. While these basics just scratch the surface, you may find an action item or two for further consideration:

  • 1. Stake Your Claim With A Killer Website

No matter where a potential patient starts online, they end up on your website before they choose your practice. Just as you prioritize patients’ dental wellness, it’s equally essential to prioritize your digital wellness. Your practice’s online presence is more than just a website; it’s a powerful tool that amplifies your reach, engages patients, and boosts your credibility.

At our marketing agency, we specialize in crafting tailored websites for dentists like you. Our team understands the unique needs of dental practices and leverages cutting-edge design and functionality to create a website that reflects your expertise and enhances patient experience.

ACTION: Don’t settle for a generic website that blends in with every other practice in your area. Choose Method Pro Websites for state-of-the-art designs, personalized customization, and engaging tools that captivate visitors, ensuring they are ready for the next phase. Plus, we provide secure hosting and Americans of Disabilities Act compliance to keep you out of trouble.

  • 2. Dial-In Business Listings

Your Google My Business page is vital for potential patients to discover your practice, access contact details, explore your website and review your services. Inaccurate listings not only confuse patients but also negatively impact your brand reputation. The repercussions extend further – Google’s intricate SEO algorithm considers dozens of factors, and inaccurate listings can hinder your search results.

On average, businesses appear in 1,009 monthly searches, with almost half receiving over 1,000 views. The cumulative exposure is substantial, even with a modest 5% click rate.

ACTION: We specialize in optimizing your listings, ensuring that your best reviews take center stage. But our efforts don’t end there. We meticulously handle additional listings on platforms like Bing and Yelp, guaranteeing accuracy across the board. Consistency reinforces your brand in the eyes of consumers and enhances visibility on search engines.

  • 3. Turbocharge Your Reviews Strategy

Over 80% of patients trust online reviews from platforms like Facebook and Google, considering them as influential as recommendations from friends. A consistent stream of reviews has the potential to fuel practice growth, with 40% of patients willing to choose an out-of-network provider based on positive reviews.

While not every review may be a perfect five stars, occasional negative feedback offers valuable opportunities for response. How a business addresses criticism is a testament to its character, and a thoughtful, empathetic reply can positively shape your brand perception. Proactively managing and responding to negative reviews is crucial for maintaining a polished marketing strategy.

ACTION: Recent reviews hold the utmost significance for consumers, and a consistent influx of reviews builds credibility. With our recommended software solutions, the process is streamlined through automated email and text messages, directing patients to leave reviews on Google and Facebook.

  • 4. Target Paid Ads To Deliver Patients

A robust online marketing strategy combines both organic and paid elements to resonate with consumers emotionally and intellectually. Tailored dental advertising targets specific demographics, addressing consumers’ needs with precise solutions. Local healthcare brands that contribute to enhancing lives often receive positive responses.

For instance, envision a campaign triggered when Google users search for “How to alleviate tooth pain.” Your ad appears, directing them to a dedicated landing page on your website. This page might offer a complimentary e-report or a virtual consultation as the next step.

ACTION: Method Pro excels in reaching potential patients through strategic advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, and more. Intent-based advertising ensures your ads align with specific searches, such as “tooth pain relief.” Augmenting your healthcare ads, we design brand-building display campaigns on social media to connect your community with your brand. This familiarity sets the stage for clicks during intent-based searches.

  • 5. Make Blogging A Marketing Tool

Incorporating a blog into your dental website design significantly enhances your marketing strategy. Articles stemming from your practice establish a credible voice on health matters for your community and contribute to Google’s appreciation for fresh content and increased traffic, positively impacting SEO results.

Maintaining a blog gives businesses a competitive edge over those neglecting regular posting. Surprisingly, 70% of individuals prefer learning about companies through articles rather than traditional advertising. In professions built on trust, articles offer consumers a more profound insight into your knowledge and background. Dentistry relies on that bond.

ACTION: Sustain an authoritative brand by adding articles with a minimum of 1000 words at least once a month. However, consistently generating content can be challenging. Method Pro simplifies the process by producing quality articles by dental writers, ensuring a regular stream of valuable content for your dental blog. This ongoing, fresh content enhances your SEO and positions your website as an authoritative source for both Google algorithms and interested consumers.

Grow Your Dental Practice With Method Pro

Making decisions in healthcare is seldom a one-time event for consumers, and it involves some trepidation and anxiety. Success in dental marketing emerges from blending digital ideas with exceptional personal service. Across the country, in communities of every size, our focus is cultivating relationships, not just transactions. Making subtle adjustments to your overarching marketing strategy enhances these connections, paving the way for our success.

Method Pro believes in relationship-based healthcare, and consumers value the personalized approach. Research underscores that robust relationships between patients and providers yield superior treatment outcomes. Whether in your office or on our websites, the chance to fortify connections is instrumental in your growth and positioning above competitors.

If you’d like to discuss practice growth opportunities, explore how Method Pro’s comprehensive service fosters more robust relationships, increased profits, and more fulfilling dentistry. We love talking to dentists about their vision, so reach out today!