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Kevin is widely active with many local and state dental associations, and he’s helped many dental practices grow their brands and profits. Dental entrepreneurs admire him for being an effective communicator and a strategic planner with exceptional organizational skills. Kevin has the right METHOD for training diverse teams on the effective importance of systems and technology required to create more efficient business environments. He is also a PRO in dental administrative systems, internal and external marketing, and strategic planning. Kevin offers dental offices the right tools to achieve lasting success. In a world of “adapt or die,” he helps practices of every size shift their strategies to think the way patients do in today’s competitive digital world. 
Kevin loves connecting dental practices to their local communities and bringing a holistic approach to practice growth.

Chief Operating Officer

Matt joined Method Pro in 2018 to help use data and technology to enable and drive marketing endeavors.
With a strong background in information technology, analytics, web development and strategic business planning, Matt brings a high level of expertise to meet business, competitive and customer objectives. His full-picture approach and understanding of audience media consumption patterns help him to formulate strategies and methods to achieve and surpass client-marketing goals. He routinely advises companies in technology selection and deployment, web design, search engine marketing, analytics and business intelligence, statistical analysis and conversion testing.
Matt and his wife enjoy spending time with their 2 children. His hobbies include surfing, spearfishing and homebrewing. Matt is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara.
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Chief Vision Officer

Dr. Greg Grillo brings 28 years of clinical, managerial, and entrepreneurial experience to clients. With a formal background in psychology and dental marketing, he understands every step of the journey. Dr. Grillo also served as Content Director for an Inc. 5000 dental software company during a phase of rapid growth. For the past ten years, he’s helped develop apps, strategies, and content for clients worldwide while continuing to manage a busy general practice that involved several critical transitions and brand changes.

Dr. Grillo purchased his practice in 2001 after four years as a U.S. Navy Dental Officer. He built a talented team and increased practice profits by 300% with less stress and fewer hours. A graduate of several dental business programs, he understands the diverse skills that today’s market demands. He’s the creator and presenter of several CE-accredited courses and the CEO Pro practice coaching program.
MP Lori

Director of Practice Enhanced

Lori Kester has over 30 years of experience in the dental industry as a dental hygienist, specialty practice manager, and certified practice management software trainer. Lori joined the Method Pro team to provide a deeper level of insight into marketing efforts and strategy development for dental practice growth. She directs the Practice Enhanced department which focuses on internal practice management systems design and performance, and the implementation of customized operational workflows. A creator and presenter of multiple accredited continuing education courses on topics ranging from clinical hygiene practice to practice management software, she’s coached many of the nation’s elite-level practice managers to measurable success. Ultimately, she’s on a mission to help dental teams grow, thrive, and prosper.
Lisa (2)

Director of Client Success

Lisa brings over 23 years of experience in the dental field, having successfully directed business and marketing efforts for two thriving dental practices in San Diego. She was instrumental in building her husband’s dental business from the ground up, including expanding to a second office that generated over a collective $3M in collections. Her responsibilities encompassed all aspects of marketing and business operations. Today, Lisa channels her marketing passion through Method Pro, providing our team with valuable insights from her client-side experience.
Sony Roubsouay

Director of Client Success

Sony specializes in assisting dental practices in cultivating stronger and more interconnected bonds with both their patients and the local communities they serve. With a wealth of experience spanning 10 plus years in sales and account management, she has collaborated with diverse partners and stakeholders to consistently deliver exceptional value and customer satisfaction. Additionally, Sony has earned several notable certifications on LinkedIn, including Solution Sales, Closing Strategies, and Professional Network and Visibility, which further enhances her expertise in the field.

Sony’s fervent dedication lies in fostering and refining leadership communications. She’s driven to establish and accomplish meaningful objectives for both myself and the teams she works with. She joined Method Pro with great enthusiasm, a company that shares her passion for empowering dental professionals through cutting-edge technology and innovative marketing solutions. Together, she knows the Method Pro team can revolutionize the dental industry and drive positive change.
Yvette Garcia

Operations Assistant

Yvette combines learnings from over a decade supporting C-level executives in start-up environments. Armed with a strong educational foundation from the University of California, Berkeley, she leverages her critical thinking skills and expertise in finessing operational practices to craft a flourishing structure for Method Pro.
Beyond her professional achievements, her diverse interests, ranging from artistic endeavors to travel, infuse her problem-solving skills with innovative insights. In the symphony of business intricacies and creative passions, Yvette strikes a harmonious chord—a melody resonating with operational innovation, insightful strategies, and a touch of customer-centric charm.

Manager of Operations

Rashmikant has over 15 plus years of experience. He is responsible for overseeing and coordinating various aspects of an organization’s day-to-day activities. His role involves managing teams, optimizing processes, and ensuring efficient use of resources to achieve business goals.
He supervises and manages an experienced team of development and digital marketing professionals for Method Pro.
MP Justin

Manager of Social Media

Justin serves as Method Pro’s Social Media Manager, and he’s an experienced and trusted partner helping dental practice owners build strong brand identities on their social media platforms. With close to a decade of experience in the field, Justin has been with Method Pro for three years and brings a passion for creating engaging content that resonates with patients. His mission is to help dental practices create an impactful online presence that amplifies their message and reaches more people.
MP Jonathan

Manager of Social PPC

Jonathan is a valued member of the Method Pro team, leveraging nearly a decade of extensive digital marketing expertise. With an unwavering dedication to maximizing the value of our clients’ advertising investments, Jonathan is deeply committed to delivering exceptional results. His relentless pursuit of excellence has consistently contributed to significant revenue growth for our clients. Jonathan firmly believes that by empowering patients, clients, and their teams to succeed, positive transformations are achieved for all involved.
Monty Hobson

SEO Strategist

Monty loves to help businesses grow online through organic search traffic from Google, averaging more than 8 million search impressions yearly for clients (and growing). His passion to create, implement, and clearly communicate SEO strategy to all stakeholders, makes him an invaluable asset for acquiring new patients. Monty specializes in onsite and offsite optimization, as well as, Google Business Profile optimization, content creation, and technical oversight.

Working in SEO for the better part of a decade, Monty has expertise with most website platforms and loves working with dentists, in order to maximize their digital assets and brand visibility for boundless online referrals from the world’s most powerful search engine.