An Expert’s Guide to RevenueWell

RevenueWell for Dentists

What sets your dental practice apart from the local competition? In addition to your specialized services, comfortable office atmosphere, and advanced technology, your marketing platform should also distinguish your practice as an industry leader. 

Many marketing platforms sound promising but are ultimately messy, confusing, and inefficient. That’s exactly why the digital marketing experts at MethoPro use RevenueWell to keep your dental practice thriving

RevenueWell offers benefits and solutions that you may not even realize are possible! This expert’s guide to RevenueWell will introduce you to everything you need to know to boost your bottom line, connect with patients, and get more out of your day with the best dental practice marketing and communication solution. 

What is RevenueWell?

RevenueWell was built specifically for dental practices aiming to maximize patient value and streamline essential yet tedious processes. Instead of buying all of your marketing and communications separately, RevenueWell makes it possible to easily juggle everything you need from one platform:

  • Automated marketing communications
  • Automated text messages
  • Digital forms
  • Smarter phone system
  • Patient connect TV

There’s no doubting the efficiency of RevenueWell. Altogether, practices using RevenueWell have sent 873 million messages, increased their annual revenue by $73,630 on average, and created more than 900 additional appointments within the first year 

Benefit #1: Attract New Patients

You can’t run a practice without patients. It’s RevenueWell’s core mission to help your practice attract and retain new patients with strategies like easy-to-use email, direct mail, text messages, phone calls, and social media. 

It’s not a magic formula: it’s a combination of strategic techniques. First, RevenueWell boosts your practice’s SEO results with a high-ranking site on PatientConnect365. This makes it possible for your practice to increase its social media output and encourage patients to fill out custom surveys and leave reviews online. The result? Your office becomes highly visible online, allowing customers to find your practice with ease. 

Once your new customers find your practice and browse your attractive website, RevenueWell removes all barriers to scheduling so that new patients can request their first appointments with ease. An online portal keeps your front desk “open” around the clock. Patients can call, text, or book online. 

Benefit #2: Build Better Relationships

Finding new patients is half the battle; keeping them is the other half. RevenueWell understands this and implements many different services and solutions to help you build strong, rewarding relationships with your patients:

  • Compassionate care through custom post-op instructions, empowering newsletters, and other personalized communication
  • Personal touch with automatic treatment plan follow-ups, birthday and holiday wishes, and thank you cards
  • “Screen pop” to gather a caller’s information before answering the phone

These small gestures go a long way to showing your patients they’re always at the top of your mind. RevenueWell makes it possible to demonstrate your appreciation and compassion for your patients without distracting you from the most important task of providing superior oral care. 

Benefit #3: Get More Done Each Day

You juggle so many hats for your practice that even a circus pro would get tired trying to keep up with you. Fortunately, RevenueWell offers the solutions you need to be more productive each day. RevenueWell makes it easy to schedule and confirm appointments, answer account-related questions, send postcards, and process payments. When more gets done in less time, you save on overhead costs and deliver the very best patient care possible. 

Overall, RevenueWell automates the following tasks to help your office work smarter, not harder:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Payment processing
  • Custom post-op instructions
  • Recall and reactivation efforts
  • Online patient portal

Getting Started with RevenueWell

The experienced marketing team at Method Pro knows RevenueWell inside and out. When you partner with Method Pro, you get to put your focus back on providing the best oral care while Method Pro’s industry experts use RevenueWell to strengthen and improve your practice’s marketing and communication strategies.

Get in touch with us now to learn more about Method Pro’s dental marketing services and put your dental practice on the fast path to success.