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Practice Enhanced Pro Series: 3 tips to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your marketing buck:

You’ve invested in a customized, cohesive marketing campaign. Now the phone is ringing!   Here is the first in a series of 3 tips to make sure you’re not only capturing, but keeping those awesome, hard-won new patients.   A polished, effective marketing strategy will drive the right patients to your door, but it’s up […]

Price vs. Value: What Do Patients Really Want?

Dr. Greg Grillo Every time we sit eye to eye with a patient and discuss the care they need, we initiate a battle. As conscientious healthcare providers, we’re not trying to spark conflict. It just happens. But don’t take it personally:  This internal struggle occurs whenever people choose how to spend their money.  The tug-o-war […]

Your Brand Story Drives Practice Growth

5 ways to get it right in 2021 Your practice reflects your values and vision; it’s a brand story that your community sees online. But what do people think when they hear your name mentioned at the coffee shop? Brands can take on a mind of their own. You can’t dictate what people think, but […]

The CEO Dentist: Where Do We Start?

4 ways branding drives growth, profitability, and purpose Every day we bring our best to our practices. We focus on an area the size of a tennis ball and set restorative margins within microns. Clinical care takes energy, and sometimes we don’t feel like we have much left at the end of the day. But […]

Video Content: The Digital Marketing Trend You Need to Know

  All it takes is the word ‘video’ in an email subject line to boost click-through rate by 13%. So if your dental practice could easily harness video content to supercharge your digital marketing success, wouldn’t you jump at the chance?    In a world where 75 million people in just the U.S watch videos […]

How Dentists Can Master Telemedicine During Covid-19

  Technology is constantly evolving, often beyond what we ever imagined was possible. It is thanks to this rapidly changing technology that patients can now meet with their doctors and dentists without ever leaving their homes. Telemedicine is making headlines for its role in the Covid-19 response, especially for medical professionals who can’t see patients […]

Should Your Practice Use Google AdWords For Dental Marketing?

Google might be the most widely recognized word on the planet, but it’s more than a simple search engine. If you know how to leverage the full power of Google to market your dental practice, you’ll be unstoppable.  What is Google AdWords? In simplest terms, Google AdWords is Google’s advertising platform. It’s one of the […]

An Expert’s Guide to RevenueWell

What sets your dental practice apart from the local competition? In addition to your specialized services, comfortable office atmosphere, and advanced technology, your marketing platform should also distinguish your practice as an industry leader.    Many marketing platforms sound promising but are ultimately messy, confusing, and inefficient. That’s exactly why the digital marketing experts at […]

The Best Benefits of Using a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

As a dentist, you’re an expert on everything relating to your patients’ smiles. From cavity fillings to gum disease treatment and everything in between, you know exactly how to give your patients the care they deserve. But what about your dental practice? What type of care does it need to grow and flourish? You might […]

How to Attract New Patients With Digital Dental Marketing

As a dental practice, you devote all of your time and energy to giving your patients something to smile about. Well, thanks to comprehensive and clever digital dental marketing techniques, you can have something to smile about as well!   Before the age of the internet, small businesses relied upon radio spots, print ads, and […]