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Should Your Practice Use Google AdWords For Dental Marketing?

Google might be the most widely recognized word on the planet, but it’s more than a simple search engine. If you know how to leverage the full power of Google to market your dental practice, you’ll be unstoppable.  What is Google AdWords? In simplest terms, Google AdWords is Google’s advertising platform. It’s one of the […]

An Expert’s Guide to RevenueWell

What sets your dental practice apart from the local competition? In addition to your specialized services, comfortable office atmosphere, and advanced technology, your marketing platform should also distinguish your practice as an industry leader.    Many marketing platforms sound promising but are ultimately messy, confusing, and inefficient. That’s exactly why the digital marketing experts at […]

The Best Benefits of Using a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

As a dentist, you’re an expert on everything relating to your patients’ smiles. From cavity fillings to gum disease treatment and everything in between, you know exactly how to give your patients the care they deserve. But what about your dental practice? What type of care does it need to grow and flourish? You might […]

How to Attract New Patients With Digital Dental Marketing

As a dental practice, you devote all of your time and energy to giving your patients something to smile about. Well, thanks to comprehensive and clever digital dental marketing techniques, you can have something to smile about as well!   Before the age of the internet, small businesses relied upon radio spots, print ads, and […]

Do Yelp Ads Work?

We’re excited to announce that Method Pro is a Yelp Advertising Partner. We’re now able to support and manage Yelp Ads campaigns for all of our clients – both large and small. We have special rates that we can pass on to you as well as reporting and management tools! Keep reading to find out […]

All About SEO: What is SEO Marketing?

You recognize that in our current digital landscape, it’s essential to host a website that represents your business and the services you provide. But what good is it to own a website that might be all but impossible to find? What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Search Engine Optimization encompasses a number of strategies designed […]

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: What is Affiliate Marketing & How Does it Work?

One of the best tools in a business’ arsenal is affiliate marketing. Not only are affiliates a great way to monetize your products or services; this branch of marketing is an effective way to grow your company’s rolodex. What is Affiliate Marketing? To put it simply, affiliate marketing is basically a commission-based sales system. If […]

What Is a Promotional Campaign… Is Your Dental Office Missing Out?

Promotional Campaign Promotional Campaigns come in all different ways that you may not even be aware of… Finding and maintaining a patient-quota that’s right for your growing dental practice is harder than it seems. If you thought shopping for the right piece of real estate for your new practice was daunting, keep in mind that […]

Social Media Management: Why It’s Super Necessary

Social Media Management When it comes to your local dental practice the best recipes for social media management success – and let’s not mince words: success on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter means increased quarterly gains and clearer and sunnier financial forecasts – call for a big dash of all-purpose seasoning. And that means […]

Local Marketing: Why Your Local Dental Office Needs It

Local Marketing As a dentist, you’re busy with patients as well as the many aspects of running a small business. Business growth may be a priority but finding the time to focus on it can be difficult. In order to maintain or increase the number of clients you have, brand awareness and reputation within the […]