Method Pro


The relationships in dentistry form the foundation for success. A practice transition without a plan to handle messaging and communication faces critical obstacles that can take years to overcome.

  • Up to 20% of current patients can leave in a mishandled transition.
  • Frustrated, anxious team members can abandon a new owner.
  • Botched branding can shake brand reputation in your community.
  • Stress can compound with looming expenses and payments

Design A Perfect Start. Discover Transition Enhanced.

A successful sale is more than dollars and cents. Establish momentum and credibility with a seamless hand-off. Our 10-step communication plan designed and executed by professionals with over 75 years of combined experience in dentistry propels your growth. Here’s what we do for you:

  1. Gather critical input regarding the branding, positioning, and marketing for a cohesive message from day one.
  2. Design and refine all brand elements across all platforms.
  3. Customize introductory materials for use at every step.
  4. Create and send letters at just the right time to patients written with proven trust-building techniques.
  5. Implement printed materials known to reassure patients.
  6. Disperse website and social media announcements.
  7. Arrange an open house using proven practices.
  8. Train staff with customized scripting to handle patient questions.
  9. Provide a guide for key seller steps to take with the team.
  10. Plan for the first 90 days as the new owner.

Why Work With Us?

The Transition Enhanced team blends unmatched experience to support your vision. With nearly a century of combined dental and marketing expertise, we understand what it’s like to be in your shoes. We’re here to discuss exit planning strategies and options for buyers and sellers.

Dr-Greg Grillo

Meet Dr. Greg Grillo, DDS

Dr. Greg Grillo brings 26 years of clinical, managerial, and entrepreneurial experience to clients. With a formal background in psychology and dental marketing, he understands every step of the journey. Dr. Grillo also served as Content Director for an Inc. 5000 dental software company during a phase of rapid growth. For the past ten years, he’s helped develop apps, strategies, and content for clients worldwide while continuing to manage a busy general practice that involved several critical transitions and brand changes.

Dr. Grillo purchased his practice in 2001 after four years as a U.S. Navy Dental Officer. He built a talented team and increased practice profits by 300% with less stress or more hours. A graduate of several dental business programs, he understands the diverse skills that today’s market demands. He’s also the creator and presenter of a CE-accredited course, Dental Practice Transitions: Designing an Exit Plan For Maximum Profit, Fulfillment, and Legacy.

Kevin White

Meet Kevin White, CEO

Kevin is well-known among thousands of dental practices, which call him the “go-to” professional for strategic planning, marketing, and training. He’s widely active with many local and state dental associations, and he’s served as a featured speaker throughout the profession.

As CEO of MethodPro, a comprehensive practice support agency, Kevin helps scores of dental practices reach their goals with personalized solutions. He designs strategies to help practices project their brands and implement targeted marketing efforts that produce sustainable results. Kevin has the right METHOD for training diverse teams on executing systems and technology to create more efficient business environments

Lori Kester RDH

Meet Lori Kester, RDH

With more than 25 years of experience in the dental industry, Lori Kester provides clients with in-office and virtual practice management support along with strategies for technology implementation and practice growth.

Lori practiced as a dental hygienist before transitioning her education and skill as a clinical provider to the front office. She has managed multi-doctor and multi-specialty practices with a strong focus on relationship-based dentistry.