Video Content: The Digital Marketing Trend You Need to Know

video content marketing

All it takes is the word ‘video’ in an email subject line to boost click-through rate by 13%. So if your dental practice could easily harness video content to supercharge your digital marketing success, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? 

In a world where 75 million people in just the U.S watch videos online every day, video content is the key to reaching new customers and expanding your patient base. Here what you need to know to maximize the benefits of this trend for your dental practice. 

How Does Video Content Marketing Work?

We’re all familiar with online videos. In fact, people around the world watch a whopping 1 billion hours of YouTube videos per day. Thanks to the internet, videos don’t just exist on DVDs and commercials anymore. They’re accessible to everybody, everywhere, every minute of every day. 

Video content marketing takes advantage of the fact that video now dominates our online universe. It integrates video into every facet of your brand identity: your website, your social media channels, and more. 

Overall, video marketing is defined as using videos to promote and market your dental practice, increase engagement on digital and social platforms, educate your customers, and reach a larger audience with a new medium. It’s a comprehensive definition because it’s such a comprehensive marketing tool!

Proof That Video Content Drives Traffic

You only need to take a quick scroll through Facebook to see indisputable evidence of video content’s rise to power, but there’s plenty of data to back it up. 

According to Cisco, over 80% of all traffic will consist of video by 2021. Search engines often prioritize videos because they’re seen as high-quality content. As long as you use the right keywords, a strong title, and include a strategic meta description, your videos will turbocharge your SEO efforts and improve your search engine rankings. 

Even more significantly, 90% of consumers claim video content helps them make purchasing decisions. As your potential new customers are debating which local dentist offers the best teeth whitening treatments or most successful dental implants, your video content may influence their decisions. This is especially true for people who don’t like to read long descriptions, but are happy to stick around for a quick video. 

Examples of Effective Video Marketing for Dental Practices

You don’t need a multi-million dollar marketing budget to create effective video content for your dental practice. If you have an iPhone, you already have a high-quality, professional-grade video camera in your pocket. There are dozens of different ways to leverage video for your benefit, but start with these proven types of marketing videos to pack the biggest punch. 

Demo Videos

Demo videos aren’t just for physical products and computer software. Create demo videos to highlight the technologies and practices that set your dental office apart from your competitors. For example, a two-minute demo video of your laser teeth whitening system or same-day crown technology. 

Brand Videos

Brand videos are essential to your core marketing efforts; they showcase your dental practice’s vision, mission, and services. The ultimate goal of a brand video is to build awareness of your company, attract new customers from your target audience, and make your brand logo instantly recognizable. 

Expert Interviews

Expert interviews add an important layer of credibility to your dental practice. Begin with interviews with internal experts, like your practice’s oral surgeon, orthodontist, or hygienist. These videos provide a valuable opportunity for your practice to demonstrate its authority in the dental industry and your local region. Over time, you can expand to interview other experts who may provide unique insights for your target audience. 

Educational Videos

As a dental practice, you have endless opportunities to create educational videos for your viewers. Select the topics that mean the most to your target audience and build video content around them: teeth whitening, dental implants, gum disease, and the list goes on and on. These videos will draw viewers who may not have otherwise discovered your dental practice. 

Customer Testimonial Videos

What better way to highlight positive customer experiences than through eye-catching videos? Your prospective patients want to know that your dental practice can (and will!) improve their oral health, offer superior services, and meet their unique needs. Customer testimonial videos provide the proof they’re seeking by featuring your satisfied, loyal customers as your best advocates. 

Get Help With Video Content Marketing Now

When it comes to dental procedures and oral health, you’re the ultimate expert. Your patients, staff, and facility are your priorities. Nobody expects you to also become a video marketing guru overnight. That’s why digital marketing companies like MethodPro are here to help you achieve the ultimate dental marketing solutions. 

The MethodPro team introduces dental practices to new technologies and marketing strategies designed to revitalize and turbocharge your online footprint. Call MethodPro now to learn more and connect with our team of experts.