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Video Content: The Digital Marketing Trend You Need to Know

  All it takes is the word ‘video’ in an email subject line to boost click-through rate by 13%. So if your dental practice could easily harness video content to supercharge your digital marketing success, wouldn’t you jump at the chance?    In a world where 75 million people in just the U.S watch videos […]

How to Attract New Patients With Digital Dental Marketing

As a dental practice, you devote all of your time and energy to giving your patients something to smile about. Well, thanks to comprehensive and clever digital dental marketing techniques, you can have something to smile about as well!   Before the age of the internet, small businesses relied upon radio spots, print ads, and […]

Top Reasons Why Your Dental Practice Needs Video Marketing

Video Marketing is On The Rise According to Forbes and a number of leading marketing agencies across the United States, 80 percent of online content will consist of video marketing by 2020, so it’s time for your dental practice to embrace this growing trend. That’s right, the online world is all about video content and […]